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Our names are Diana and Ken

We both were retired and living on a fixed income.  We are parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents and have been married forty-seven years.
 We were just barely making ends meet.  Every month we were facing medical bills, a mortgage, and putting food on the table and all the unforeseen money issues. 

The pressure was wearing us thin, and stress level was very high.  We were concerned with how much more we could take.

Being disappointed with ourselves, we decided to face the fears and doubts of changing our lives.

I could not work outside the home for physical reasons, and Ken was not up to getting another job. He knew the pay would be so low, that it would not be worthwhile.  We decided to look for something that would increase our income and would also allow us to work at home.
After doing much research, we discovered an online system that educates entrepreneurs on how to start their business online, and to us, this seemed too good to be true.

I (Diana) made the initial call to find out more about this system.  My husband (Ken) was very skeptical at first and thought this was a scheme.

This 21 Step program, taught us how to start our own successful online business. entrepreneur

✅You need a burning desire to learn

✅It only requires a low-cost startup.

✅You do not need a degree in computer technology.

✅There are coaches to walk you through the whole process; you are never alone.

✅There also was proof that others have done it.

✅Oh, and we only needed a couple of hours during the day to do it.

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